Staff Evaluations - Build the Perfect Process

Simplify the task of evaluating all of your staff with the use of automated workflows and tools that help everyone complete their tasks more quickly, and give teachers the direction, feedback and development they need to excel. Easy to use dashboards and reports let principals, managers and HR track everyone's progress and results, so you can achieve better evaluation and management of your workforce.


Customized Software - Generate More Insights

Capture any and all competencies or skills you want to evaluate, provide detailed descriptions of the various levels of performance, and assign targeted learning activities to improve performance as required. Our handy reports let you review and compare teacher evaluation results from an individual, school, district and more.  

Take advantage of:

  • Organization of the entire evaluation process
  • Easily accessible data for informed decisions
  • Legislative compliance

How Can I Get Started With STAGES Software?

Getting started with STAGES Software is easy, but if you are new to the world of automated evaluation solutions we'd love to help you! We offer a library of tutorial videos,  infographics, and blogs that can help to answer a lot of the basic questions. If you're interested in scheduling a walk-though, you can do so here!