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Data-Driven Administrator Evaluation Systems

School ADvance Administrator Evaluation System is an adaptable system of rubrics and protocols to guide districts in evaluating and developing the performance of all school administrators – including the superintendent. 

STAGES Software was in on the ground floor of the development of School ADvance, working directly with Dr. Pat Reeves (with Michigan Association of School Administrators)  and Pat McNeil (with Michigan ASCD), the creators of School ADvance.  It was understood from the beginning that management software would not only be necessary, but is critical to the successful implementation of an evaluation system.  School ADvance is one of the two administrator evaluation tools recommended by the Michigan Council of Educator Effectiveness.

School ADvance

How the School ADvance System Works

The School ADvance Administrator Evaluation System is based on Four Assumptions, which are grounded in the work of researchers in the field of educator performance evaluation:

  1. The ultimate goal of educator evaluation is to achieve better results for students by fostering improved effectiveness of teachers and leaders.
  2. New accountability requirements have enormous implications for administrators' expertise—and for the way they do business and spend their time.
  3. High-stakes accountability must be balanced with ongoing feedback and support for continuous improvement.
  4. Evaluation should not be something we do to people; rather, it should empower employees to take responsibility for their own learning, growth, and performance.

Available rubrics include:  District Leader, Principal, Non-Instructional:  Director, Coordinator and Administrative Assistant

Training is available for administrators and School Board members.


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