STAGES Database Administrator Training – Webinar Recording

It's vital that we at STAGES provide all administrators using our software solutions with the training and support that they need to feel comfortable navigating the platform. The STAGES  Database Administrator webinar was designed to help new administrators, or those seeking a refresher, learn all of the basic tasks involved in acting as a STAGES Database Administrator (SDBA). Because of the nature of this webinar, you must be identified as an SDBA in order to receive the link and password to access the webinar recording

We go over a range of technical and support topics in the recording, including:

  • STAGES Software
  • Key STAGES Concepts
  • "Users" Button
  • "Manage Evaluations" Button
  • Using the "Evaluation Bulk Editor"
  • Avoiding Pitfalls

If you were unable to attend the webinar, please fill out the form to the right and a STAGES representative will verify your status as an SDBA and send you the necessary information to access the webinar!

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