Manage All Components of your Evaluation Process with Ease

Automate Your Staff Evaluations

STAGES is a comprehensive web based software program providing customizable, automated evaluation tools. Our software streamlines evaluation methods - reducing time spent on evaluation processes, tracks educator progress, and most importantly – improves educator effectiveness and student learning.

With STAGES Software your evaluation process can include Self-Assessments, Observations, Walkthroughs, Goal Setting, Student Achievement and more. We support the professional practices unique to each client’s needs. STAGES is used by schools and districts throughout the country for administrative, teaching and support staff. 



STAGES allows your school or district to:

  • Collect evidence and align evidence to standards.AdobeStock_61222799_STAGESsmall.jpg
  • Organize all of your evaluation components (goal setting, pre and post observation forms or conferences, survey analysis, etc.) in one place and complete all pieces online.
  • Monitor and track completion status, including automatic email notifications and reminders.
  • Standardize the evaluation process across your entire district.
  • Include student achievement goals and student learning objectives so you can incorporate multiple measures of student growth.
  • Automatically calculate evaluation scores based on district and state requirements.
  • Carry scores forward from year-to-year if desired or required by state legislation.
  • Use reporting tools to explore data, identify trends and monitor inter-rater reliability.


Watch this brief introduction to STAGES Software:

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