Our 3 Best Tips to Increase Teacher Retention

A few weeks ago, on our blog, we discussed a pressing concern for so many schools and districts across the country: teacher shortages. Especially for districts in low-income rural or urban areas, hiring quality teachers and keeping them has become increasingly difficult. As a teacher evaluation software company, we’ve seen firsthand some of the trends that can negatively affect teacher retention. According to the Huffington Post, teacher shortages can lead to diminished course offerings, expanding class sizes, a high turnover rate of substitute teachers, and teachers being assigned to classes outside of their expertise. Here are some tips for avoiding teacher shortages altogether!


4 Best Practices for the Best Possible Teacher Tech PD

“Teacher tech training”: try saying that five times fast. Better yet, try doing that five times fast. Technology is ubiquitous, but in some places tech training for teachers is still living in the floppy-disk era.

Happy Labor Day!

We are taking this week off from our regular blog posting to celebrate Labor Day with our family and friends! We hope you and yours are able to do the same!